When 51-49 becomes 49-51
Dismantling America
Written by JB Williams
© 2006 USA

Nearly every American senses a horrific problem on the horizon. But due to massive amounts of disinformation, few know the cause or can see what, if anything, to do about it.

Every news agency in America is predicting a landslide victory for the left on November 7th. Many American voters are still stuck on Democrats versus Republicans, the balance of power between media-friendly liberals, better defined today as secular socialist progressives and the media’s favorite whipping post, the Republicans, who have been in charge and giving the left and their press anxiety attacks since their 1994 landslide victory.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has done a marvelous job of framing the debates and adopting leftist lies, now accepted as truth by many voting stooges too dis-informed to know any better. According to the DNC, their target voter is an uneducated inner-city single ethnic female in her late teens or early twenties. This is the voter they believe will help them to regain power.

Their "get-out-the-vote" effort focuses on this young lady, high school drop-outs who can’t even read, local small-time criminals, homeless people, illegal immigrants, neighborhood thugs and even a few of the dearly departed. They focus their entire platform upon a collection of small minority groups seeking special consideration and representation, the black vote, the gay vote, the 3% atheist vote, the 4.5% unemployed vote, the 2% illegal alien vote. Combined, this is their new constituency. Why?

This is their base constituency for two simple reasons. This is America’s most politically ignorant voting bloc. It is also a collection of voters seeking special consideration, which is to say, a voting bloc easy to pander to, because they are more interested in what the federal government can do for them, than what they can do for their country. These folks are attempting to vote themselves either monetary or legislative favors, and the left can easily buy these votes with carefully targeted promises.

Until recently, they were a collective minority in America and recent elections kept them at bay by a 51-49 conservative pro-American majority. But soon, that number will become 50-50 and then 49-51, as the lies of the left slowly become more popular among an increasingly ignorant electorate that has neither the time or inclination to seek or support truth, let alone real American principles, or uphold the dusty old ideas of our nations founders.

The call to think progressive is nothing more than an urgent call to buy into the ideas and principles of Karl Marx, the ideals that have failed over and over around the globe leaving America the last remaining super-power. It's now considered a progressive idea to reduce America's power and status to that of all other third world nations, in the name of peace. It is now considered progressive to lay down our weapons and accept peace through socialism. Capitalism was once the great evil in the eye of Marxists abroad. Now it is the great evil among many American voters as well… and they all vote Democrat.

Today, both the International Socialist Party and the Communist Party USA support the Democratic Party. They work around the clock to defeat Republicans at every opportunity and they feed leftist propaganda through the DNC and the American press daily. That isn't because they have adopted Democratic American principles of old. It's because today's DNC is built upon socialist principles of old and run by secular socialist progressives once simply referred to as socialists.

Anyone able to read can confirm all of this for themselves. Many Democrats already know it and openly support it. Others are hearing this news for the first time and won't dare read it for themselves because that would mean that they have to change everything they have been conditioned to believe. Still others will look the other way in order to continue chasing the brass ring of federal favors, no matter what that might mean to the long term destruction of the country they claim to love.

All of them will call me names for pointing out what is obvious to all conservative Americans. Like the last several, this election is not just about Democrats versus Republicans, the balance of power. That's the lie...

This election, just like the last several, is about thwarting the agenda of the left who is currently less than 2% away from complete control of what was once the freest most prosperous nation on earth. The land of the free is being systematically replaced with the land of the free-ride. A nation of brave self-reliant freedom loving Americans is being replaced with a nation of weak spineless globalists more interested in free stuff than freedom.

In the past, conservatives were united in their purpose of defeating socialism in America at any cost. Today, conservatives have allowed themselves to become politically divided, largely by leftist propaganda and leftist infiltration even into today's Republican Party. So-called “moderates” or "compassionate conservatives" who lean too far left in their quest for political power, often providing poor alternatives to full-blown Marxists.

Every time you hear a politician from either side of the aisle promise to "look after you and your family", you are listening to a politician sell you socialism. Our federal government was not formed to look after a people free to look after themselves. No matter how good it sounds, you can't afford it. As a result, our government was designed to stay out of the way of individual achievement, freedom and true personal liberty. It was designed to not penalize the achiever for benefit of the under-achiever. Every individual was to be free to succeed or fail at whatever level they found personal comfort in.

Progressives sell socialism and tyranny under the guise of charity. But charity requires the consent of the giver, the earner, the person who rightfully toiled and sacrificed to earn their assets. Government seizure of private property and wealth can only be described as tyranny, even when done under the guise of the greater communal good. In fact, it is always done under the lie of the greater communal good, because it would be wholly unacceptable under any other name.

In a world where nothing is free, we must always ask who is paying for all of this free stuff. We are told that it is “the rich”, who don’t need and won’t miss it and that we all have a right to their earnings. But at the turn of the last century, "the rich" was defined as only those who made more than $1 million per year. Today, Democrats tell us that "the rich" are all those making more than $50,000 per year, which includes most Americans. It's all of us who will pay for every promise of free stuff. It is all of us who will relinquish our rightful earnings to a federal government that only empowers itself through the seizing of private property and assets.

Yet many Americans will blindly vote for this, most recently, roughly 49% of American voters, held at bay by the other 51% who still know better.

Soon it will be 50-50 and then eventually, or maybe sooner than we think, 49-51 the wrong way. When 51-49 becomes 49-51, America will be no more. The agenda to dismantle everything America has ever been will be all but complete. From this point forward, the majority will support the idea that all private assets and resources are the property of the community for the greater communal good.

The collapse will accelerate… Investment will leave this nation for safer more profitable territories and the people who intended to vote "the rich" into tyranny - will have ultimately voted themselves into tyranny.

The real "rich" will always have options and they will seek safe-haven for their earnings in off-shore investments out of reach of a federal government reaching deeper and deeper into their pockets, stripping more and more personal freedom and liberty with every handful of earnings they take.

Those who attempt to vote themselves personal favor from the treasury will have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. They will have killed capitalism, the vessel that carried the life blood of the wealthiest most powerful nation on earth. And they will find themselves wards of the state they built, albeit, a bankrupt state…

The "rich" will be just fine… In another country. Those left behind without alternatives, will be wondering what went wrong. Well, I'm telling you what is going wrong right now, while we are still 51-49 on the right side of American principles of self-governance through morally sound fundamental American principles.

If you allow it to become 49-51, you will rejoice, but only for a moment, until you realize what you have done.

This is what this and every other election of this era is about. This is what they meant when they said that America would eventually fall from within, without ever firing a shot. They meant that an increasingly greedy self-absorbed and ignorant electorate would eventually vote itself into tyranny via socialism. It appears that they were right...

Is this 2006 mid-term the magic election? We will soon find out. If not then, will it be the 2008 Presidential election? Sooner or later, we are on our way to 51-49 becoming 49-51. The press will keep promoting it. The DNC will keep selling it and both the Communist Party USA and the International Socialist Party, with the help of the United Nations and Europe, will continue pushing it until 51-49 becomes 49-51.

Every election is about this and this alone right now. The American people will choose their own destiny, just as they always have. Will they choose the lie? Or will they face the truth?

Our government already owns more land than it was ever supposed to own, controls more private resources than it was ever supposed to control.

This is the decision being made on November 7, 2006. Those caught up in campaign rhetoric will choose badly. The only open question is - is that now a majority?

Note: Revised May 17, 2011 for formattiing only.