Special Pre-election Release 10-26-04

Why Won’t Kerry Release Military Record?

Written by JB Williams




John Kerry and his minions say Bush won’t own up to his “bad decisions”, but its becoming glaringly obvious that this perverted mantra is nothing more than a feeble attempt to cover up the fact that John Kerry won’t own up to his despicable life!


The mainstream press has sheltered Kerry from questions surrounding his self-proclaimed hero status from day one, so many in America are left to speculate about John Kerry’s traitor status…


Despite repeated demands for John Kerry to authorize the release of his military records by signing standard DoD form 180, he still has not signed it. Despite his agreement to do so with Tim Russert months ago, he hasn’t and many pieces of Kerry’s short military career remain a mystery 7 days before the election.


The question is why?


Bush signed his form 180 during the 2000 campaign, so did Al Gore, and John McCain. Matter of fact, John Kerry is the first Presidential candidate in U.S. history, who has built his entire campaign upon his self-proclaimed war hero status, and yet has gone to great lengths to intentionally conceal his military records. Why?


He is also the first in a few other areas. He is the first candidate to have 254 fellow decorated War Veterans publicly and relentlessly accuse him of being Unfit for Command. He is the first since Benedict Arnold to have thousands of former War POW’s accuse him of being a traitor. He is the first to have his picture hung on the walls of a Communist War Museum, touting him as one of their hero’s.


He is the first Presidential candidate known to have given false testimony to congress, maligning his former band of brothers. He is the first known to have held secret unauthorized talks with enemy delegates in France during war time, undermining the efforts of his fellow soldiers still on the battlefield and locked away in prison camps.


He is the first to not receive his honorable discharge from the military until some 30 years after leaving the military, under suspicious circumstances.


Though his staff has called his accusers liar’s and political operatives, they have also quietly confirmed most of the charges leveled against their candidate by his band of brothers.


Now we learn that documents have been uncovered in the Vietnam War Records archives directly connecting John Kerry and the VVAW with the North Vietnamese propaganda machine, indicating that even Kerry’s testimony before congress itself may have been written by the North Vietnamese, and presented by Kerry. (The documents have been 100% authenticated.)


We learn in these same documents that the VVAW was in part, funded and directed by the North Vietnamese in their effort to undermine world wide public support for the war effort, leading to America’s defeat as a result of our weakened resolve and eventual pull out of Vietnam.


Still, in light of all these known facts, Kerry remains steadfast in his efforts to hide his past from the American voters by keeping his military file secret, at least until after the election. 


With only 7 days remaining before the 2004 Presidential election, he is close to pulling off the scam of the century.


80% of the mainstream media supports the Kerry candidacy, so there is almost no chance that they will ask the appropriate questions before Election Day.


There is no chance that Kerry will sign form 180 releasing his file this close to the election, because clearly, there is something in it worth hiding that would likely end his campaign.


So the American people will have to make their decision on the basis of what we do know, and what he won’t disclose…


In this regard, we have every reason to believe that the 254 decorated Veterans are right, that the thousands of former POW’s are right, and that 75% of our active military is right, when all of them support George W. Bush as their Commander-in-Chief.


Someday, we will know all the answers to the questions Kerry has been running from for the last year. Until then, we have no reason to believe he is fit for command…


We have an obligation to vote for those who pay for that privilege with their blood, and their wishes have been made overwhelmingly clear….They prefer to serve under George W. Bush!