The DNC’s Last Gasp...

Shall We Consider the Real Facts?

Written by JB Williams



Let’s begin with Iraq and the war against international terrorism, since this is the primary liberal complaint against the Bush administration and the root of all criticisms and accusations that follow.


I have yet to have a single liberal democrat acknowledge the well known fact that some 300,000 Iraqi men, women and children were tortured and murdered by the Hussein Regime under the watchful eye of the Clinton “containment” policy during the 90’s.


Yet to have a single liberal democrat acknowledge another well known fact that the Hussein Regime was exactly what 90% of world-wide intelligence, the last five US administrations, 16 broken UN resolutions and yes, the Bush administration said he was… a “gathering threat” to his people, his neighbors including our allies in the region and America.


Not one liberal democrat has had the courage or integrity to step forward and state the well documented fact that they all read the same intelligence reports Bush did and came to the same conclusions he did, supporting their vote to authorize a war effort that they have worked around the clock to undermine ever since. A few old democrats like Lieberman have, but not one liberal.


The Bush administration chose to respond to the events of September 11th, 2001 by taking the fight to our enemies on their own soil rather than allowing US streets to become a war zone. Most Americans understand and agree that this was the only reasonable choice. Democrats were willing to wait for the next attack before acting in other parts of the world just as dangerous as Afghanistan. Post 9/11, Bush was not… and most Americans weren’t either.


Many Americans have been misled by democrats and our liberal press to believe that removing the Hussein Regime from its brutal tyrannical reign over the war torn Middle East had nothing to do with the world-wide war against international terrorism. But few terror experts, Iraqi citizens or any other peaceful Middle Eastern citizens would agree. Democrats call those they cry for “insurgents”, but peaceful Iraqi citizens attacked daily by those so-called insurgents rightfully call them “terrorists.”


The facts are as they exist. The Taliban is no longer running Afghanistan, Al Qaeda is no longer in a position to operate freely in their reign of terror around the globe, the most brutal regime in modern times is no longer running Iraq and no longer threatening its people or its neighbors. Freedom and democracy are developing rapidly not only in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in other parts of the Middle East that once resisted the idea of people governing themselves, in control of their own destinies.


Numerous former dictatorships in the Middle East have accepted the idea of free elections since and Libya, once one of the most threatening countries in the region voluntarily handed over all of its WMD in an effort to join the march to a more peaceful Middle East. Women now have a voice in the Middle East and children are no longer taken from their families and put into prisons just because their parents dare to disagree with their government.


Al Qaeda has not yet succeeded in another attack on US soil, a fact few thought possible a few short years ago. Yet democrats call all of this a “failure” of Bush administration policies…


One of the few things liberals are known for is not knowing how to fight their way out of a wet paper sack or even having the courage to try when faced with confrontation of any kind, personally, or nationally. Yet they can arm-chair general this very complex war effort without hesitation, as though they have the credentials, believing that they know better than literally hundreds of DOD and Joint Chief staff members who have spent their lives designing and executing war plans, including the current ones. Give me a break!


How about the US economy? Despite relentless efforts by liberal democrats to talk the US economy into the toilet, the facts remain at odds with their claims. Home ownership is at an all time record high, the average standard of living and wages at an all time record high, unemployment hovering between 5% and 5.5%, right where it usually is, despite 9/11, the war, hurricanes, floods and an ongoing threat of terror strikes on US soil.


Interest rates are still at record lows and the economy is growing at 4.4% versus the recession during the last year of the Clinton administration and the false economic growth caused by the dot-bomb boom in his early term. According to most economic experts, our biggest economic concern currently is the potential for inflation, a condition only possible in an expanding economy. And again, democrats call this a “failing” Bush policy… People who understand economics 101 know better.


What about our booming national debt? If there is an area where the Bush administration can legitimately be criticized, this is it. Still, one interested in the real facts surrounding this topic, truly concerned about the threat to America posed by our out of control spending, could never vote for today’s democrats.


Our national debt began mounting more than 60 years ago, under a democratic controlled country, not the Bush administration. The debt accumulation kicked into overdrive under FDR, when social welfare spending began to out-pace all other spending. By 1962, social welfare spending had become 29% of the federal budget. By 1999, it had become a full 68% of the federal budget.


Democrats say it is hawkish war-mongering republican military spending that has put our nation deep in debt. But the facts say something quite different. In 1962, military spending was 53% of the federal budget. But that had been trimmed to less than 18% of the federal budget by 1999.


The facts are, between 1962 and 1999 the federal budget had grown from $106 billion to a whopping $1.7 trillion. Social welfare spending grew from 29% of the budget to 68% of the budget, while military spending was cut from 53% of the budget to less than 18%. So you do the math and tell me what is causing America to go bankrupt, social welfare spending or hawkish military spending?


Yet democrats promise in every campaign to keep us on the road to bankruptcy by fighting for a never ending list of social welfare expenditures for an increasing number of DNC trained federal dependents.


On social issues such as abortion and gay marriage, it was a few liberal judges and a couple Democrat mayors who tossed the will of the people aside in an attempt to single handedly redefine marriage. It was then the people, who state by state passed legislation by legitimate means, overwhelmingly blocking not only gay marriage but same-sex unions in response. Not George Bush…


Even Roe of the famed Roe vs. Wade works around the clock to reverse the 40 year old court decision that was later used by liberals to legalize the 40 million senseless abortions that followed. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that killing one’s own offspring for convenience sake should be a crime. It just takes a decent caring human being and today’s democrats don’t qualify…


The facts don’t support anything the Democrats claim, nor do they indicate in any way that today’s Democrats represent the mainstream interests of the American people. In fact, the reality in all these areas indicates quite the opposite.


As a result, the DNC has been systematically removed from power in all three branches of the federal government and most states. They desperately seek to regain the power they once enjoyed and they are out of ways to accomplish this goal…almost.


There is but one strategy remaining for the survival of today’s DNC. That strategy requires the ruin of the Republican Party. If they can create the public perception that the Republican Party is in some way corrupt, then they can regain power by default. It doesn’t have to be true. No crime needs to exist. No trial or conviction is necessary. The mere appearance of impropriety on a massive scale will be enough to undermine current support for the Republican Party and open the door for democrats to regain power.


Thus we have the wholesale litany of accusations, speculation of impending charges, conjured resignations and even actual indictments. The fact that a Texas prosecutor ran to not one, not two, but three grand jury’s in four days before finding one that would issue an indictment against Tom Delay should tell you two things about that indictment. First, that two of three grand jury’s didn’t see the evidence needed for them to issue the indictment. Second, that the Texas prosecutor was going to keep jury shopping until he found one that would… Why?


Meanwhile, the DNC campaign machine was busy sending out mass emails written to capitalize on the Delay indictment within minutes of the indictment being handed down. It is unlikely that those fund-raising efforts could have gone out so quickly had they not been drafted before the indictment was even issued.


This is the most important reason of all. It explains why the DNC is on the brink of extinction. While there are many anti-war anti-America Bush-bashers eagerly awaiting the demise of this administration and the Republican Party who will immediately regurgitate all the rhetoric generated by the Democratic witch hunt for Republican leaders, most Americans are sick and tired of this type of politics in our country.


Can they win? Only if Americans buy the wholesale character assassination of every DNC opponent. Only if they can’t do the math, don’t care about the facts and believe more in a battery of DNC lies than their own sense of basic right and wrong.


I’d be the last to say Republicans are perfect or even right half the time. But Democrats are so wrong that they no longer offer any alternative to Americans able to think for themselves.


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