The Plame-Game…

A Criminal Prosecution or Political Persecution?

Written by JB Williams



The investigation was supposed to be about finding out whom illegally and unethically outed covert CIA agent Valerie Plame. The first problem with the investigation before it even got rolling was the fact that Valerie Plame was not a covert CIA operative and hadn’t been for years.


The second problem was that her husband, Joe Wilson had made a common practice of bragging about his CIA wife at Washington cocktail parties for years… So most likely, Joe outed his own wife over cocktails with the Washington media elite.


Now we begin to see where this thing was really headed from the start and that is right where most of us thinking folks knew we were headed. As I predicted in a previous column, we are on yet another politically motivated witch hunt and White House political guru Karl Rove is the target.


The New York Times now reports that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has likely decided not to indict top White House aides Karl Rove and Lewis "Scooter" Libby based on allegations they "outed" CIA employee Valerie Plame, according to lawyers close to Fitzgerald's Leakgate investigation.


Instead, the Times said: "Among the charges that Mr. Fitzgerald is considering are perjury, obstruction of justice and false statement" - raising speculation that the Leakgate case may devolve into a Martha Stewart-like prosecution, which drew howls of derision from legal critics.


In other words, now that they have found no evidence supporting their erroneous suspicion that the White House leaked Plame’s not-so-secret identity, the investigation has morphed into something quite different. It has become an overt effort to find some obscure legal-beagle means of removing Karl Rove from the political equation before the mid-term elections, just as we expected…


In case you have any doubts about that, all you need to do is read how intent the Democratic Party is on capitalizing upon the ill conceived bogus investigation. In a letter to party dependents/constituents from party hatchet man Tom McMahon dated October 18th, McMahon says “Republicans have become so incompetent, so out of control and so unbelievably corrupt that no amount of spin can cover it up. The fact is we're witnessing a dramatic reversal in national politics. If we seize this opportunity, we can change history.”


McMahon says “Everyone can see what Republican Leader Tom Delay did when he wanted more Republicans in Congress. He's been indicted for laundering more than $170,000 in corporate money to gerrymander six Congressional seats away from Democrats.” This from the party who attempted to buy America in 2004 with millions from Soros, Lewis and Bing, money made illegal by McCain-Feingold but circumvented by DNC run 527’s before the ink was even dry on the reform legislation.


He says “That's what the Republican money-for-influence machine is about -- special interest money to fund Republican officials who will make sure that contributors get a return on their investment.” A statement that attempts to conceal the fact that Bush’s single largest financial support group in 2004 was retirees, while the democrats single largest financial support group in both 2000 and 2004 was trial lawyers… I’m reminded of something about a pot and a kettle and the color black here…


Mr. McMahon somehow overlooked this fact, as he also forgot to mention China’s $300,000. investment in President Bill Clinton, which of course landed bag-man Johnny Chung in prison and placed our nuclear secrets in the hands of a rapidly growing Chinese military complex. Talk about a “return on investment…” Money for influence?


Now here’s the crux of the entire effort… “We do things differently. So let's prove it. Tom DeLay is set to be arraigned in a Texas court on Friday -- let's raise twice the amount he's accused of laundering, and let's do it in grassroots donations.” Says McMahon. Still wondering why Tom Delay’s mug-shot looks more like a William Morris Agency promotional head-shot?


McMahon says “Show America that ordinary people have the power to raise $2 for every $1 Tom Delay can launder. Make a contribution and fight Republican corruption: The corruption in Washington has gotten so bad that even Republicans can't stomach Republicans any longer.”


Yet another blatant false statement based on an October 19th report that states “The Republican National Committee continued to raise more money than its counterpart on the Democratic side by a 2-1 margin in the third quarter of the year, party officials said Thursday. The RNC raised just over $19 million in the third quarter of the year, while the Democratic National Committee raised $10.7 million. The national Republican Party has raised $78.5 million so far this year, said communications director Brian Jones. The national Democratic Party has raised $39.2 million, according to Josh Earnest, a party spokesman. The RNC has $34 million in the bank, while the DNC has $6.8 million on hand, the officials said.


Though democrats have been highly effective at driving Bush’s rating down in the polls run by their friends in the liberal media, they have somehow failed to interrupt the flow of financial support for the RNC which continues to set fund-raising records out-pacing the democrats 2-1. Now that has to suck…! No wonder democrats are becoming increasingly shrill in their attacks, growing more desperate by the moment and more willing to abuse our legal system for political purposes.


Is it working? Again, as I have been predicting, NO!


Are they successful in manipulating polls to show a lack of support for this administration, our military effort or our economic successes? Sure, because this is a game played on their home-field in the liberal media, all at their advantage. But what impact is it having with real mainstream Americans? According to RNC fund-raising efforts, it seems to be even further energizing the team, just as I also predicted.


What democrats just don’t get is that the American people are sick and tired of back-stabbing politics of personal destruction. They are well aware of the fact that the Democratic Party hasn’t had a single positive original idea in forty years and they are not at all convinced that their life sucks or that it is the federal government’s job to manage people’s personal lives even if it does.


Democrats have a vision for America alright, a socialist vision based on a welfare state full of beer slurping Big Mac eating couch potatoes too lazy to care for themselves, willing to exchange their freedom for a meager federal handout from a handful of socialist democrat elites hungry for political power.


They have a strategy too. One based on destroying the Republican Party in order to improve their own public image by default.


But it isn’t an American vision and it isn’t a winning strategy. Neither is new and both have been failing for years now. But don’t expect the DNC to come up with anything new or positive anytime soon. They are officially the “glass is half empty” party. They couldn’t muster a positive thought if their life depended on it.


So kick back and continue to enjoy the Howard Dean led implosion of the DNC… Get some popcorn and a coke. It’s going to get really entertaining in the upcoming election cycle.



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