All Carrot - No Stick = Impotence!

Democrats, the UN and Their Press

Written by JB Williams

©2006 USA


Most folks learn by the third grade that diplomacy is only one of a few methods available for resolving conflict. Not liberals… Even a near lethal dose of Viagra won’t stand up a liberal faced with conflict.


Liberals and their United Nations are all carrot and no stick! As a result, both remain completely impotent in the arena of international conflict resolution. The examples are endless. They no doubt lead the world in the arena of hot-air, toothless bluster, flip-flops and cut-n-run techniques. But once push comes to shove, as it did on September 11, 2001, they fold like a cheep suit and run for cover like a child behind his mother’s skirt.


Of course, liberals claim on the other hand, that conservatives are all stick and no carrot. In some cases, they’re right.


Conservatives do not want to negotiate at all with people willing to strap a bomb to the chest of their own 4 year old and send them into a shopping mall to kill innocent civilians. They do not want to negotiate with those who flew commercial airliners into our financial center, our military headquarters and a Pennsylvania field in route to the White House.


They don’t want to waste more time holding hands with Kim Jong Il or Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When the President of Iran states repeatedly that he was elected to bring about Armageddon, to wipe Israel off the face of the map, or when Kim Jong Il threatens to hit America with nukes, just after testing a nuke and claiming that UN sanctions are an “act of war”, conservatives have heard all they need to hear and they are finished talking!


Still, liberals remain as committed as ever to the appeasement policies that led to these current threats and challenges. They see no need to change.


Even China and Russia are on board against North Korea now. Though they are late to the party, neither is as late as liberals, who still haven’t arrived. North Korea has nukes today as a direct result of Clinton administration appeasement policies during the 90’s. Everyone except liberals knows it, and liberals demand that we return to those appeasement policies still today.


Iran remains intent upon having nuclear weapons. Liberals answer to this problem is to just give them the technology, like they did China, so that they won’t have to kill us or die themselves, getting it. They haven’t thought far enough ahead to ask what happens next…


Iran gave birth to, harbors and supports Islamic Terror organization Hezbollah. But liberals see no connection between Iran and international Islamic terrorism. The Palestinian people elected Islamic Terror organization Hamas as their new “democratic” government. But liberals make no connection between the Palestinian people and terrorism.


The Saddam Hussein regime was actively engaged in development of WMD, they had killed thousands of their own people, invaded their neighbors and threatened both the US and our allies on too many occasions to enumerate. They funded the families of suicide bombers in war torn Israel and made attempts to work with known terror organizations including Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. But liberals still see no connection between the Hussein regime and terrorism even now.


North Korea has two primary industries, the counterfeiting of US currency and illegal weapons sales to any buyer with money. They developed nuclear weapons and long range missiles with the help of the Clinton administration and now threaten the Bush administration with those weapons. Again, liberals claim that North Korea provides no real threat to American interests.


Liberals have two very serious character flaws. The first is an almost intense lack of ability to grasp the obvious. The second is, even once they know that their back is to the wall, they would rather surrender than fight. They just don’t have the stomach for freedom.


We all know these folks well. We went to school with them. They were the folks with their underwear pulled over their heads. They were the folks that never made the sports team. They were the kids peeking out from behind the teachers skirt on the playground. Nothing has changed for them since then… They’re almost lovable, but they are not reliable in a fox hole.


They are older, but no wiser now and no more ready to defend themselves than they were in school. They desire peace more than freedom itself and they will happily relinquish one in exchange for the other to avoid any threat of a fight.


We ran them out of national office in 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004. Now they desperately want to be back in power. They are willing to say anything to regain that illusive power. But they are still not willing to actually do anything.


They are our best talkers. They can nuance their way through even the most complex of issues because talk is what they do best. They can twist or invent facts as needed, on the fly. For a while, it can work. But only until their nuanced position leaves them trapped in a corner. Once trapped in their own web of lies and cowardice, they collapse like a five dollar tent in a tornado.


Their inability to grasp the obvious leads them into that corner every time and once there, once diplomacy has run its course without results, they are out of business. Same goes for their UN.


The American people saw trouble brewing on the horizon as far back as 1994, when they showed up at the polls in record numbers to remove liberals from a leadership position in Washington. The American people have continued to remove them from power in every election since.


Today, liberals remain no less committed to their appeasement policies of the past. They remain entirely convinced that Islamic terrorists, and the regimes that breed and support them in the Middle East, can be negotiated with and talked into harmonious peace.


Liberals love and trust the UN, not because it has a track record of resolving international conflicts, it doesn’t. They love and trust it because they must. They still need someone to watch over them and internationally speaking, the UN is their nanny of choice.


Nothing has changed for liberals and it isn’t going to change any time soon. That’s why nothing can change in American voters. All carrot – no stick = no leadership position for cowards!