Can Democrats Create the Perfect Storm

In Time for the Mid-Term Elections?

Written by JB Williams



If democrats fail to create the perfect political storm for republicans before the 2006 mid-terms, it wonít be due to a lack of effort. DNC public enemy # 1, Karl Rove, the political mental giant of the Bush administration, is not the subject of an ongoing investigation into the outing of CIA desk jockey Valerie Plame, but he is the target.


DNC public enemy # 2, Tom Delay, one of the most powerful republicans in the country, is under indictment for guess what, acting like a politician at campaign fund-raising time. DNC public enemy # 3, the once loved and respected heart surgeon from the south turned Senate leader Bill Frist, is under investigation for selling stocks at a profit, or at least, not at a loss, once considered to be a smart business move, now a reason for yet another tax-payer funded investigation.


With the help of DNC friends in the press, democrats have succeeded at convincing many Americans that the scenes played out daily on our TV screens are a sham, Iraqi men and women deciding their own future. That our soldiers are the terrorists and that the terrorists are just good-ole-boy Iraqi insurgents fighting back the brutal occupiers from the land of milk, honey and heavy artillery.


Bush-hating America-bashers from sea to shining sea work tirelessly around the clock to develop new slogans and catch phrases aimed at undermining support for the war against international terrorism, the effort to defend the homeland and initiatives designed to spark economic growth rather than an increased federal dependency. They even accuse the administration of creating or at least guiding hurricanes to democratic strongholds for the purpose of eliminating the DNCís most fervent dependents.


For those of you having trouble keeping up or connecting the dots, basically, there is nothing good about America under republican rule, according to those in a party on the brink of extinction.


In case you have lost score, democrats have scored 4 out of 5 tactical strikes so far. They wonít get a conviction against Delay, but that wasnít the goal. He had to step aside as house leader the moment the charges were filed. That was the goal, score one for the democrats.


Karl Rove isnít the subject of the Valerie Plame case, her husband Joe Wilson outed her at cocktail parties years ago. But, Rove is on the defensive, too busy to play offense and that was the goal. Score two for the democrats.


Senator Bill Frist is not only the Senate majority leader - he is expected to be a front-runner for the Republican Party Presidential nod come 2008. He isnít only one of the most respected heart surgeons in the country - heís one of the most respected men in the country as well. But that was before he was under investigation for the same offense that put Americaís favorite homemaker behind bars. Score three for the democratsÖ


We near the point where half of America isnít sure who the terrorists are, those randomly blowing up innocent people in countless countries around the globe, or our own military and defense department. The DOD and Joint Chiefs spend more time defending their decisions than executing the war. Score four for the democrats.


Democrats are doing all they can to talk our economy into the toilet, but it just wonít flush. The American people keep working and spending and thatís what makes our economy tick, not some federalist number-cruncher in Washington DC. This one might be out of their grasp, at least until the media is able to convince more Americans to sit down and wait for their federal government to care for them.


Thatís the bad newsÖ


The good news isÖ Americans by and large seem to be very aware these days. No longer dependents of the once main stream press for their opinions, they seek out their own truths, researching their own facts and developing their own opinions, mostly via the Internet.


To be certain, garbage exists everywhere, including the net. All of the news networks and agencies have web-sites too, and they are just as biased in their web reporting as they are in their traditional outlets.


But more and more, people are going to alternate sources of information, often even direct to the primary source when they know not who to believe. If you want to know what is actually going on in Iraq these days, donít read the paper or watch the news, get online where you can go to web-sites posted by soldiers currently on the ground in Iraq and get it straight from the horseís mouth.


A handful of socialist America-hating billionaires attempted to hijack the entire American election system in 2004. But no matter how many millions they spent, the American people still searched out their own facts and made their own decisions, making that effort the worst investment in the history of these otherwise financially astute elitistsí careers.


No sir, pulling the wool over the American peopleís eyes isnít as easy as it use to be. Walter Cronkite once told the nation how to think, how to feel, what to believe and what to vote for or against. But in 2004 when Dan Rather tried it, the American people rejected it out of hand and quickly sent the old media war horse off to pasture.


This ainít your grand pappyís America anymore. We donít sit by the radio waiting to hear reports on the war effort 3 months after it happened on the ground. We can see live video of Iraqi men and women voting for their future, developing their own version of democracy, the way they want it. We can watch them hug our brave young men and women in uniform as they show great appreciation for the sacrifices made on behalf of a people brutalized for decades.


Though many Americans today unfortunately want to see America as a terrorist nation, for God only knows what reason, most Americans still know the subtle difference between invading or conquering a nation, and liberating a people from the most brutal dictator of our time.


So no matter what political nightmare democrats are able to cook up for republicans, in the end, it will be written into history as yet another failed act of desperation by a party no longer representing the mainstream of American life. In the end, it will cause a further, maybe final fatal erosion of support for the once great party of the people, which has become nothing more that a party of the socialist elite.


A perfect storm? SureÖ But one most likely to devour its creator.

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