America’s New Liberal Direction

The First 100 Legislative Hours

Written by JB Williams

©2007 USA


As Washington Republicans line up to sing a politically tuned rendition of Rodney King’s classic hit, “Can’t we all just get along,” soon-to-be House Speaker Pelosi angles to bury the bi-partisan hatchet right in Bush’s back.


Convinced that the American people completely rejected the Bush doctrine and embraced liberal socialism in the ‘06’ mid-terms, Democrats poised to take full control of congress on Thursday are prepared to take no prisoners as they ram their agenda through the legislature, challenging Bush’s weakened veto alternative.


In other words, they are preparing to do just as Republicans should have done but failed to do while they controlled congress. Had Republicans taken the same no prisoners approach to leadership, they’d still be in control of congress. It was their spineless efforts to compromise with their friends on the left that caused conservatives and independents to defect in the last election. Still, they think they can get along with their political foes.


Democrats are about to teach Republicans what real partisan smash-mouth leadership is all about. They have set their first 100 hour legislative agenda and Republicans are already crying foul as Democrats set a minefield of road-blocks to keep Republicans from having any say at all in the process. As the home town San Francisco Chronicle points out, “Democrats say they will bypass House committees, move legislation directly to the floor and strictly limit the GOP's ability to make changes.” Now that’s bi-partisanship at its best! Pelosi style! Remember all the GOP initiatives allowed to be held up in committee, never allowed a floor vote where they would have easily passed a partisan roll call? No need for committee review now!


Their 100 hour agenda sounds good to the average American limited only to lamestream headlines for their daily dose of reality.


• Raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour.


Though few Americans hold minimum wage jobs, increasing a national minimum wage has historically resulted in increased unemployment of the very people liberals claim to represent. Further, as economic conditions vary in different parts of the country, a high national minimum wage negatively impacts the poorest regions most. Many states already have a minimum wage above the national number. Those that don’t, have special economic challenges. A 41% increase at the national level should deliver the kind of unemployment numbers Democrats seek as a campaign tool for the ‘08’ Presidential election.


• Curb lobbyists' influence by banning meals and gifts to lawmakers and requiring more disclosure and oversight.


This is what McCain-Feingold was supposed to accomplish. However, Democrats quickly circumvented true bi-partisan campaign-finance-reform efforts with the invention of 527 organizations like, which led to the biggest illegal/unethical campaign sludge-fund bonanza in world history. Look closely at the details of what Democrats propose now. It has little to do with any honest lobbyist curbs.


• Repeal subsidies for the oil industry.


We have an energy crisis in this country. We are far too dependent upon foreign resources and Democrats’ answer is to attack American energy producers while restricting domestic exploration and refining? The energy agenda in a nut-shell – bankrupt private energy industry and send the fed in to save the day.


• Cut college-loan interest rates in half.


College loan rates are the lowest in the world. We already don’t require repayment of college loans. What difference does the interest rate on uncollectible loans make? Another feel-good measure that means nothing to students, but much to tax-payers who are making those loans!


• Reduce prescription-drug prices for seniors by requiring Medicare to negotiate rates with pharmaceutical companies.


Reduce government intervention in drug manufacturing and curb frivolous law suits and everyone can better afford medical treatment including drugs. Study why American medical expenses are high to begin with, as compared to say Canada, where there are no frivolous law suits against manufacturers and no government gouging (taxation) of products on the way to market. Like our friends to the north, liberals will be happy to curb frivolous law suits once the government controls the medical industry and is the subject of such suits.


• Pass another bill that allows expanded federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, betting on better prospects for an override if the president vetoes it again.


What they mean is, allow federal funding of embryo farming for stem-cell research. We already fund stem-cell research. We just don’t fund embryo farming for research purposes. That’s about to change…


• Implement unfulfilled recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission and beef up port security.


As most folks know, almost all of these recommendations are already in practice. The few that are not, have downside consequences that security experts (not partisan political hacks) prefer to leave un-implemented. If you want to do the number one thing to better secure this nation, start by securing our borders and prosecuting illegal aliens. Watch how Pelosi’s Democrats manage the number one threat to American security… “What illegal aliens? They are undocumented American citizens, specifically, future federal dependents and Democrat voters! Come one – come all!


Here’s what they haven’t put on their public agenda talking points list…


As military and national security experts prepare to increase troop strength in Iraq to put down the rising tide of terror attacks on innocent Iraqi citizens struggling to move their nation towards peaceful co-existence with the world, Democrats strategize how to cut or block funding for all current and future Iraq operations, publicly voicing support for victory in Iraq while working to legislatively guaranteeing failure via unfunded operations. The goal is to appear pro-troop while acting anti-Iraq mission. This nuanced lie won the election. So it will stand…


There it is in all its glory – America’s New Liberal Direction, a glance at the first 100 legislative hours under Democrat control…


And you thought you were forcing the two parties to cooperate with each other for a better America… You thought you were voting for secure borders and a brighter American future…


Foolish is as foolish does! Now we will reap what we have sown…pure foolishness!