Can I get One Large Order of Freedom…?

With a Side of Personal Liberty To-Go please…

Written by JB Williams


I watch in amazement, as Liberals in America once again call upon our government to “pull-out” of Iraq, leaving the Iraqi people to fend off terrorists on their own and I can’t help but notice the hypocrisy and ignorance of history in their chant…

I thought liberals were the kinder, gentler Americans, always concerned with standing up for the down-trodden, looking after those in the world who are unable to care for or defend themselves? It appears their humanitarian zeal includes whales and seals, but not the people of Iraq…

Though seemingly appalled at the abusive acts of a few misguided soldiers at Abu Ghraib Prison, clearly, if left up to today’s liberals, the Iraqi people would still be dying by the thousands under the most brutally torturous regime known in modern times.

But what the Iraqi people find most appalling is America’s alleged outrage at the events of Abu Ghraib, which was like a day at Disneyland compared to the real torture that existed under Hussein, under the protection of the UN, without a word from America’s bleeding hearts…

Even now, if it were up to liberals, the Iraqi people would be left to their own limited devices in their fight for freedom and liberty. It seems today’s liberals believe that either the Iraqi people don’t deserve freedom, or that they should be able to order it up like a burger in a drive-thru…

This of course demonstrates a complete lack of understanding, not to mention an ignorance of historical truth and a glaringly obvious disregard for the most brutalized people on earth…

As a matter of fact, if it were up to modern liberals, not only would there never be a free Iraq, there would never have been a free America either! They just never seem to have the will or the stomach for the task at hand…

It took seven years for the British to gain control of North East America in 1763 and another seven years before Americans would become anxious to rid themselves of British rule in Boston. Five years later marked the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775 and a year later, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

But it took until 1781 for American cowboy’s to decisively defeat British troops, and two more years before Britain would concede America’s independence via the Treaty of Paris in 1783. It would take another four years for the Constitutional Congress to convene in Philadelphia and yet three more before the thirteen original states would ratify the Constitution of these United States in 1790.

That’s 20 years to accomplish even a good starting point for such a bold endeavor…Freedom!

Yet liberals look at what is going on in Iraq for only two years and become impatient with the process. Overwhelmed by the cost of freedom and feeling a sense of disconnect from the average Iraqi citizen, they call for the US government to quit, and leave the Iraqi people and the region in a vacuum of terror. Hardly a kind or gentle humanitarian view…God save the whales and seals!

Had the early settlers of America been liberals, America would never have existed. Even if it were left to liberals today, America would forfeit all of the sacrifices made for freedom and liberty, in favor of a not so independent America. One that more closely aligns with and resembles Europe, ignoring completely the Doctrine signed by President Monroe in 1823, warning Europeans against EVER interfering in the affairs of the Western hemisphere.

How soon they forget…maybe they never knew to begin with, or maybe they think the cost of freedom and liberty has changed since then. Yet one need not look far to see that some things never change, the cost of freedom and personal liberty, at the top of that list.

There are a few other things that never change, like the fact that some were unwilling to fight back then too, and people protested the war to free America then, as they protest the war to free Iraq today… Not every man has vision, or intestinal fortitude…even in America.

There were those who thought the cost of freedom, liberty and security were negotiable then too, but they were in a minority, just as they are today, and they too were wrong.

Iraq has eighteen Provinces, fourteen of which are as calm and safe today as any U.S. city, in fact safer than most major U.S. cities, and safer than they have been in 30 years. But the entire liberal focus is on the four Provinces where remnants of the former regime and outside terrorists combine their efforts to derail the march towards freedom, as though these four Provinces tell the entire story of Iraq. Maybe for liberals, they do?

Sure, they mourn the death of every American soldier lost in this battle, as we all do. But they refuse to even acknowledge the more than a million innocent Iraqi people who died under the twelve years of UN sanctions, as though their lives don’t matter at all.

They march for the under-privileged, the weak, those who deserve a better life, or at least a life. But this somehow does not include the people of Iraq…and I can’t figure out why, or maybe I can…

We know that more than 70% of the Iraqi population is fighting to be free. Yet it is the small numbers of “insurgents”, better described as former regime members and terrorists, whose message resonates with liberals, who are paralyzed by fear.

Liberals did the same during Vietnam, and the government listened. Today, Vietnam is no better than it was before thousands of American soldiers died in vain, as a result.

It’s estimated that 50% of the Iraqi population will turn out to vote in the first free election and liberals scoff at this number, overlooking the fact that America, the world leader of democracy, has but a 50% turn out itself.

When will liberals learn that freedom is the most expensive commodity on earth? The Iraqi people deserve as much opportunity as anyone. And America has often protected its own, by securing the freedom of others around the globe. Will they ever learn?

When will we learn that those willing to pay the cost of freedom do… while the rest protest…?

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