Dear Members of Congress…

No More Excuses, Please!

Written by JB Williams


In 2000, 2002, and again in 2004, “we the people” saw to it that Washington (and the country) would be led by conservatives who represent the ideas and the will of the moral conservative majority in America. The old saying applies for my fellow conservatives, “lead…don’t follow, or get run over!”

To the Democratic members of congress I say, most Americans are far more tolerant than those whom they tolerate. Don’t continue to mistake this tolerance as acceptance, or support for immoral un-American behaviors. Nobody is that tolerant, as you can see in your election results.

Most Americans are not immoral, religion bashing socialists, gay, feeding from the public trough, celebrating their third abortion, or feeling like America should be more like France. These are fringe groups in America and continuing to bet the farm on these groups, even combined as a constituency, has your party on the brink of extinction.

The fact that you can’t run your own party better than this, is enough for “we the people” to recognize that you are in no position to run this country. Learn this lesson and return to the mainstream, or continue to sit on the sidelines.

Start by getting new party leadership. Uncle Teddy ain’t it; he has been reduced to only two modes of operation, sleeping off a good drunk, or filibustering, (sometimes appearing to do both at the same time). He used to have a third mode, philandering, but I suspect there are few takers in that arena these days.

To the Independents, remain independent, but commit to a direction for this country that reflects the will of the majority. Focus on the issues at hand and side with those who have the better vision and the power to make something happen. “We the people” deserve no less.

Now as for you Republicans… You have been given your power for a reason and “we” intend for you to use that power to get some important things accomplished while you have a White House that will cooperate. Don’t screw it up!

That “compassionate conservative” crap you peddled to get elected, served its purpose, but the election is over now and it’s time to roll up your sleeves and make hay while the sun shines.

America is far more “conservative” than any poll numbers indicate. The numbers look the way they do because the press and the DNC have mislead much of the public into thinking life is not supposed to have choices or consequences. Some of you fell for it too…Down deep, if you are a real conservative, you know better, so act like it.

To ALL members of Congress… First, get the judicial branch out of the legislation business!

Then realize that your job was not originally designed as full time employment, let alone a life long career. The reason it wasn’t is because the federal government was intended to be limited in scope and power, to only that which had to be done at a federal level in order to serve the needs of the states and the people at large. Few could even afford to work in congress back then because it didn’t pay very well, certainly not enough to build a career upon.

Originally, people who had not proven themselves capable of good judgment in the private sector were not eligible to vote, let alone run for public office, and for good reason. If they failed at making sound decisions for themselves, we didn’t want those folks making decisions for us. We broke this somewhere along the way…now we have people who can’t balance their own lives balancing ours…

Today, the halls of congress are full of millionaires, unfortunately, most of whom became a millionaire as a result of being in congress. Consequently, being elected to congress is now viewed much like hitting the lottery, and once you get in, nobody wants out. It’s understandable, but unacceptable.

In order to retain the support of your constituents and remain in the cash-flow seat, you demonstrate your value by writing more and more laws that we don’t need or want, proven by the fact that few are ever actually enforced.

So that I don’t have to repeat myself on this topic, read Dear Mr. President…

Miraculously (for some), these trends have lead to the bankrupting of America. Don’t blame the President, congress holds the purse strings. Although many liberal Democrats attempted to credit Clinton with the only balanced budget in the last 60 years, those of us not on some chemically induced trip know it was congress, specifically Gingrich and his contract with America that balanced that budget. It can be done again, and it must.

Both illegal and legal immigration are a huge problem in America today. It wouldn’t be if laws already existing on the books were ever enforced. So don’t waste more tax dollars or session time writing news laws when you can solve the problem by simply enforcing the old ones.

National Security is also a mess, for all the same reasons. Not because we have not had good laws to protect the homeland, but because most of those laws are never enforced…Fix this please, no excuses! While we are on the topic, you can bet that if one of my children were kidnapped and I had one of the kidnappers in custody, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to find out the whereabouts of my child, and I’d recommend you do the same.

If I ever hear that you didn’t take action as a result of some pompous grandstanding by some loud-mouth drunk like Uncle Teddy, I’ll whip your butt myself! Just so that we are all on the same page here, I expect you to protect my family (and my military personnel) with the same vigor you would protect your own children…That should just about cover the whole torture thing I guess, no?

Now I suppose that many of you are wondering what Right I have to be so demanding of your attention…Well, I’m an American, I run this country.

All of your power comes from me and people like me who put you in power. We put you in and we can take you out, just ask the Democrats.

No more excuses, the time has come for you to function in the best interest of “we the people” for a change. You can keep your cash-flow seat, as long as you can get the job done. “We the people” are watching closer than ever before, Meet Big Brother’s BIGGER Brother!

Part I: Dear Mr. President!