Dear Mr. President!

Now that the Election is Over…

Written by JB Williams


I was asked many times throughout the campaign season, why I rarely criticized the Bush administration in my writings. Like everyone else in America, I had to take a side in the race, and unlike O’Reilly or Savage, who also voted for Bush, I saw no benefit in shooting at my own guy…My answer is just that simple and self-serving.

Like everyone else, I had an agenda. Not so much the re-election of the Bush administration, as the defeat of socialist anti-America minded Democrats who in my opinion threaten America’s future more than any outside enemy today. The sad part is, it isn’t just Democrats…

Now that the election is over, the White House safe from hardcore socialists for the next four years, conservative leadership and control of congress solidified, it’s time to have a chat with the winners.

Our vote of support, at least mine, should not be mis-interpreted as some unrestricted blind faith in all Bush administration ideologies or policies; far from it. I could never support any candidate offered by the socialist run DNC these days. But make no mistake; I have issues with the Bush administration and many Republicans too.

Since I can’t talk about every little challenge in one article, I will focus on the two major challenges of greatest concern to me. It just so happens that these two major concerns impact much of the complete list of domestic challenges anyway. So if we can properly address these two, it will correct many others.

Social ills, such as the debate over same-sex marriage, abortion, even sky rocketing medical costs causing a shrinking medical profession, the war on religion, all of these tear at Americas foundation and our social fabric, and all can be resolved in one swift maneuver. Maybe two…

Washington has become focused on treating symptoms, writing new law after new law aimed at addressing a growing number of symptoms, as though ignoring the cause or the illness, and treating only the symptoms will make the illness go away. But all of these symptoms are caused by the same illness, and they can all be remedied by the same treatment.

Each of these illnesses is a direct result of an immoral society, free from personal responsibility and consequence for ones own actions; they always have, and most likely always will exist. But these illnesses have been made a part of mainstream society, the rule rather than the exception, as a result of the judicial branch of government meddling in the legislative process.

Thomas Jefferson has been quoted many times over the years, often misquoted. But without question, his greatest concern for America’s future was this. Jefferson worried that the courts would overstep their authority and instead of interpreting the law, would begin making law, an “oligarchy, the rule of a few over many”. He was right to be concerned…

Debates regarding marriage, abortion Rights, immigration, even separation of church and state, are all debates driven by activist judges who have overstepped their authority, and single-handedly made law, where no such law would ever be made through the appropriate legislative process.

These acts void the legitimate legislative process entirely, and circumvent the will of the people, allowing one man, or one court, to make common law, and it is unconstitutional. Congress has the power to stop this, and the separation of powers that has been purposely a significant part of our design for self-governance since the beginning, must be restored.

This should be a focus of the new Bush administration. We all know what the definition of marriage is, so we don’t need a constitutional amendment to establish that. We all know that runaway medical costs threaten the delivery of affordable quality health care, and that activist judges or juries, responding to trial lawyer’s brilliant execution of frivolous law suits is in great part responsible for all of these social ills. Tort reform treats the symptoms; eliminating judicial activism is the proper cure.

Solve the problem of activism in the courts, and you can solve all of these problems without writing another law, or watering down the constitution with another unnecessary amendment.

That brings me to the second issue of greatest concern, law enforcement. We have a mountain of laws on the books, more than were ever intended by the founders. Each new law strips away one more thread in the fabric of freedom, personal liberty, and our Right to self-determination as a free people. We need a moratorium on any new legislation, forcing congress to address enforcement.

Most of these laws are unnecessary, proven by the fact that most of them are never enforced. Immigration is the most glaring example.

If existing laws already on the books concerning immigration were actually enforced, we would have no need for new laws, and we would not have 20 million illegal aliens living in the shadows of society today.

Rather than focusing once again, on the creation of new laws to address the symptoms inherent with not enforcing old ones, we should simply enforce the laws already on the books. If we can’t, then passing more laws will not be the answer, because the new ones won’t be enforced either. Existing laws requiring a separation of powers must be enforced first…

Now I personally believe that the administrations current push to (in effect), provide amnesty to all illegal aliens is driven by a need to bring more payers into the bankrupt Social Security system, in an effort to buy our way out of a problem created by Washington.

Nobody will like accepting a cut in benefits, or an increase in payments, yet we all know something must change. The easy out for politicians might be to fleece immigrants to solve the problem, but at what expense in security and Americas future?

In short, the only reason separation of church and state is an issue today, is because separation of powers is an issue. The only reason Washington seeks new laws regarding immigration today, is because Washington failed to enforce all previously written laws concerning immigration, in most cases, intentionally for political gain.

The courts need to get out of the legislation process, and law makers need to focus on enforcement issues for a change. Passing new laws will be useless, until old ones are regularly enforced. Do this, and you will have earned the vote I gave you last November. Otherwise, I guess that vote wasn’t really worth much…

Part II: Dear Members of Congress…