That Old Washington Shell Game

And the Supreme Court

Written by JB Williams



Working under the assumed ignorance of average American voters, Washington politicians played another round of hide the real issue throughout the Alito confirmation process, much like the New York street magician makes that always elusive little pea vanish from under the nutshell you just saw him place it under.


Politicians usually win this game too, just like the street magician. Not because Americans are actually stupid, but because that are totally predictable.


Focusing the attention of an overly socially selfish nation upon the single issue of abortion rights, as though that is the sole reason to confirm or reject a Supreme Court nominee, the real issues at stake in the current round of Supreme Court appointments somehow vanished from thin air.


Bush, his staff, their supporters, pro-lifers, proudly proclaim their victory with the swearing in of new Justice Alito, as if they all know for certain how he will rule from this point forward, as if they too forgot that there are issues facing our nation that just might trump the abortion debate.


To be sure, confirming Justice Alito may in fact be a step in the right direction and the abortion debate is important. But there remains a lot of ground to cover before we can actually claim any real victories. We might want to focus on the pea instead of the shell for a bit, before returning to daily life as though all is well now that one confirmation is behind us.


The truth remains, even if we count Justice Alito, there are only four true conservatives on the Supreme Court, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito, leaving five liberal justices still well capable of continuing the judicial activism they have come to love so well. Future 5-4 decisions may still go the wrong way.


For this reason, pro-life activists may want to step carefully in their rush to reverse Roe vs. Wade, or they could end up with yet another affirming vote from this group. 


As I see it, there are at least three issues that are more pressing than abortion rights today and how the new Supreme Court addresses these issues will certainly have a more profound impact on America’s future than any issues squabbled over during the confirmation hearings.


Immigration (Legal and Illegal)


Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free For much of our national existence, these words described a nation ready willing and able to offer a better life to anyone willing to leave theirs behind in search of personal freedom and liberty. But in recent years, these words have been interpreted as an open invitation to the world’s largest soup kitchen and they are drawing at best, a soup kitchen crowd.


Immigrants from around the world once traded their old lives and traditional beliefs for new ones in the new world of promise and opportunity. Some still do. But many others seek only to exploit America’s generosity and open borders, while destroying our values and principles, our traditions and our prominent position in the world community. Predictably, we continue to welcome this form of immigrant who arrives on our shores not seeking to change their own lives, but seeking to change America. Not to make it a better America – but to make it less of an America.


Our immigration problem includes both illegal and legal immigration. Never forget that 14 of the 19 hijackers were here “legally”. Left to fester for decades now, our immigration problem is complex. But it is not complicated…


Illegal immigration is by definition “illegal”. Another act of congress is not needed to deal with this problem. An act of enforcement is needed and the longer we wait to enforce existing immigration laws, the better our chances of never enforcing them.


Legal immigration can be solved the old fashioned way. I have only a few questions for legal immigrants. 1) Why are you here? 2) What’s in it for us? How does allowing you to call yourself an American improve America by American standards? 3) Are you prepared to do as the Romans do, while in Rome? In other words, are you prepared to adopt (or at the very least respect) American principles and traditions in order to become an American? Because if not, take your hyphenated rear-end back home!


Whether arriving here legally or illegally, you are a guest in our home. Respect it and love it or leave it! The high court is the pinnacle of our justice system, our law enforcement. Before law enforcement agents on the ground can do their job effectively, the courts must signal that they are willing to do theirs, because in the past they haven’t been.


Eminent Domain


Cases of the government grabbing private land for commercial uses are popping up like a busted bag of Chiclets across this country. Americans are no longer safe in their own homes, secure from their own government and too many Americans seem unconcerned until the government comes a knocking at their own door.


Freedom includes a basic right to own the property we worked hard to earn. The government needing a slice of it for a highway or railway is one thing. But for a fancy condo development or shopping mall is quite another.


Nothing threatens American freedom more than this issue today and unless the new US Supreme Court does something to stop and reverse this trend immediately, no home, no private property will be safe from government seizure. If the high court does not address this fast, it will soon spin out of control, gaining speed and reach, just like the immigration problem.




Terrorism manifests itself in many forms today. But make no mistake, America can NEVER benefit by having MS-13 members, Al Qaeda members or members of a hundred other terror related organizations living in our neighborhoods. Immigrants, legal or illegal, who are suspected of such belief systems, have no business living in this country. America has already paid a very heavy price for looking the other way, turning the other cheek.


People worried about NSA spy games and CIA torture camps had better start worrying about who is living next door. Every day in this country, we find sub-human people intent upon harming innocent US citizens and they are living in the most unlikely places, right down the street.


What ever it takes to properly identify them, collect them and immediately deport them, will be the difference between peaceful security in this nation and events that will sooner or later make September 11, 2001 look like a day at the park.


Two alleged conservatives have been seated to the high bench. Wonderful! But success can not be defined by this alone. It can only be defined by how fast and how effective the new court is at stopping the insanity going on all around us.


When I see Roberts and Alito making serious headway on these and other issues vital to our national survival, I will celebrate a true and lasting success. Until then, for me, the jury is still deliberating….


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