Canada Migrates Right

 America left holding the Baldwin?

Written by JB Williams



As US Senate Democrats stand down, allowing the Alito confirmation process to proceed to a constitutional up or down vote in the full senate, liberals across this land were packing their snow shoes and checking out rentals up north. Just as they were about to book their plane tickets, our northern comrades gave their own liberal leaders the boot and conservatism swept across Canada like a mid-January blizzard… Now what?


Does this mean that we are stuck with the likes of Babb’s and Baldwin forever? What the hell happened? What are we supposed to do with Michael Moore now?


“Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Canada's next prime minister, pledged to work with all parties in the next Parliament after Canadians elected a Tory minority government Monday, ending a 12-year reign of Liberal rule.”  CBC News


Holy crap! We had finally arranged the voluntary export of our own sniveling liberals and Canada decides they don’t even want their own anymore? You just can’t count on anything these days!


I should have seen the writing on the wall when a Canadian reader Maura (a new friend) recently wrote me in response to my column Will Alito Confirmation...Cause Liberals to Head for Canada…Again?


Maura wrote…


“From where I sit, this entire proceeding (Alito hearings) has become a sham and a bit of a Liberal circus. It's almost like watching dogs baying at a full moon, even when there isn't one up there. My other grief was hearing Ms. Clinton stir the pot yesterday on Martin Luther King Day, by her use of the P word. No, not that P, but the other one, Plantation. This is a loathsome specimen of womanhood, who will scrape the bottom of any barrel in her quest for power. God help and bless your country, JB, when you have to deal with the likes of these people, who would sell said country down the river at the drop of a hat.



PS Don't even think of sending that contaminated lot up here, as we have sufficient gangsters in residence as it is!!!!!”


Fine… Even at the time I thought, what did we ever do to you? I thought Canada loved liberals and their socialist principles. Oh Canada! Thou have forsaken me!


I guess I’d better thank God that Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover have been busy down south working out the details for a Plan B escape with Chavez and Castro…?


With democracy, capitalism and freedom sweeping even across the Middle East of all unlikely places, we are running out of countries to ship our resident socialists to… Can I get some help here???? Any volunteer socialist countries looking for a few more whiners?

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